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RGL Dry Port Services


  • Container handling and storage 

  • Container stripping and stuffing 

  • Breakbulk cargo handling and storage 

  • Bulk cargo handling and storage 

  • Customs inspection and clearance 

  • Container light repairs 

  • Freight forwarding and cargo consolidation services 

  • Banking/insurance/financial services 


Component Facilities

  • CFS 

  • Access roads, railway link and sidings, IWT berths (For Mandalay)

  • Breakbulk receiving/ storage area (open) 

  • Warehouses, bonded and unbonded (for storage of breakbulk cargo) 

  • Bulk receiving and storage area 

  • Administrative office with space for banks, forwarders and cargo agents 

  • Customs office 

  • Container light repair facility 

  • Secure fence and entry point 

  • Cargo handling equipment (RTGs, RMGs, reach-stackers, empty lifters, forklifts, container chassis, prime movers)


Type of cargo handled

  • Containers international and domestic

  • (ISO and non-ISO) 

  • Breakbulk freight for unloading from or loading into containers 

  • Non- containerized breakbulk freight

  • (e.g. steel, general merchandise on pallets, bagged cement) 

  • Bulk freight  (i.e., construction materials including cement, coal, fertilizer, chemicals etc) 

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